Meet Villa Marin Resident Ann Brooks

Ann Brooks – Artist and Villa Marin Resident

Long time Art Works Downtown artist, Ann Brooks, has found the perfect home in Villa Marin’s lively retirement community, close to her San Rafael studio.

Owning a 1000 square foot condo has given her freedom to create two more rooms in the original long spaces. Using freestanding cabinets and rice paper shades for partitions, she has added an office and sewing studio to her home.

Ann sees Villa Marin as a small village where everyone is valued. In this self-governing community she finds participating in the Design Committee fulfilling as she uses skills developed over a lifetime. It’s not only an opportunity to contribute to the community, but a chance to get to know likeminded friends and neighbors.

With housekeeping, dining, medical, other day-to-day services included at Villa Marin, Ann has more time free to follow her creative direction.

You can view more of Ann’s work, past and present, on her website or in her studio at Art Works Downtown, the San Rafael art center on Fourth Street between C and D Streets

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