Meet Villa Marin Resident Alan Kay


Alan Kay – Avid Cyclist and Villa Marin Resident

Alan Kay moved to Villa Marin with full intention of continuing his active lifestyle . Cycling is one of his many hobbies. Prior to moving here he had ridden across the continental United States twice; as well as other great distances all over the World.   Now he continues to explore new trails in both Marin & Sonoma counties during his spare time.

In addition, Alan continues participating on the board of various local non-profit organizations. His many years of being a successful contractor allow him to play key roles on multiple Villa Marin homeowner committees.

Jean, his wife, felt that Villa Marin was a great decision as it allowed them the opportunity to purchase a beautiful and spacious penthouse that they were able to personally remodel into a showpiece so they can enjoy it for years to come. All while having the peace of mind that Villa Marin’s five star rated medical facilities are just an elevator ride away.

View the photos below of Alan Kay’s beautiful condominium at Villa Marin.

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