Meet Villa Marin Resident Young-Ju Un

Youn-Ju Un

Youn-Ju Un

Young-Ju Un – Competitive Dancer and Villa Marin Resident

Young-Ju is a champion dancer whose talents include a variety of dancing styles, including ballroom. She began her successful competitive dancing career in recent years, and she now travels nationwide to competitions. Her traveling and practice schedule is just a portion of the dedication that is required, but she finds it much easier to maintain her busy schedule while living at Villa Marin.

Since moving to Villa Marin, Young-Ju finds she can now focus on the pleasure that dancing brings her, and she can more easily manage her travel for events, knowing that her condominium home is secured and well maintained while she is away. Upon her return to Marin, she is able resume her life here effortlessly.

View Young-Ju’s beautiful condominium home at Villa Marin in the photos shown below.

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