Meet Villa Marin Residents Bob & Sue Spofford


bobsue_lrBob & Sue Spofford – Bird watching enthusiasts and Villa Marin residents

Once introduced to Marin County, after being East Coast natives, Bob and Sue Spofford settled into San Rafael after years of traveling with Bob’s career in the corporate world. Sue founded Sustainable San Rafael in 2005. With a focus on environmental issues, they both continue to volunteer with the organization to this day tracking local nesting of herons and egrets.

Seeking to be in a community with other active and independent residents, the couple moved to their spacious Villa Marin condominium. The Spofford’s continue to enjoy the proximity of living at Villa Marin, which provides them convenient access to McInnis Park where they enjoy bird watching and continue to volunteer. They also love the security of Villa Marin taking care of their home, meals, and healthcare.

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